Benefits and nutritional value of fish cork

Often catfish brought flooding to the trenches around the house, or entering ponds pisciculture and become pests that prey on fish pet there. If the rice fields, ponds or ditches dry out, these fish will seek to move to another place, or if forced, will bury themselves in the mud until it re-watering place. Therefore, these fish are often found ‘walk’ on land, particularly at night in summer, look for another place which is still runny. This phenomenon is due to the cork has the ability to breathe directly from the air, using a kind of labyrinth organ (such as catfish or damselfish) but more primitive.

In the breeding season, males and females cooperate to prepare a nest in the plant near the water’s edge. Children orange fish red striped black, swim in groups working together to and fro to seek food. This young group unattended by its parent.


Benefits of Fish Meat Cork

Catfish very rich albumin, a protein that accelerates healing of postoperative and childbirth. This substance also helps the growth of children and add weight people with HIV / AIDS (PLWHA).

Out of the hospital postoperatively, such as after childbirth, is quite critical phase because the patient had to fight for his recovery. We often hear the prohibition of eating certain foods. The information is sometimes reasonable, but often create confusion as opposite to each other.

In general, there is actually no restrictions to eat for postoperative patients, except when suffering from allergies or get a special message from the doctor. After undergoing intestinal surgery for example, of course we should not eat foods that are difficult to digest. In contrast, postoperative labor, eat a lot of the solution to accelerate the healing process, especially foods rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Nutrients are needed to help the body perform postoperative healing process, namely the repair of cells and tissues. Quality nutrients is also necessary to strengthen immunity (immune system) so that the body is not susceptible to disease.

One food that is highly recommended for postoperative consumption is catfish. Cork fish sold in traditional markets and modern, generally in the form of dried salted. Therefore, catfish better known as salted fish prestigious.

Nutrient Content

Judging from its nutrient content, catfish no less than other freshwater fish are quite popular, such as carp and milkfish. Other fish, catfish advantage is fairly high protein content. Levels of protein per 100 grams of equivalent catfish fish, but higher when compared with catfish and carp are often we consume.

Cork fish protein content is also higher than the food, which is known as a source of protein such as eggs, chicken, and beef. Levels of protein per 100 grams of eggs 12.8 grams; 18.2 grams of chicken meat; and 18.8 grams of beef. Fish protein digestibility values ​​were also very good, reaching more than 90 percent.

In addition, cork fish collagen protein is also lower than the flesh of cattle, which ranges from 3-5 percent of the total protein. This is what causes the texture of cork fish meat more tender than chicken or beef.

Low collagen causes cork fish meat becomes more digestible baby, lanjutt age group, and also people who are recovering from illness. Babies require a high protein intake, but do not have a perfect digestive tract.

Excellence other cork fish protein is rich in albumin, a protein type most (60 percent) in human blood plasma. The main role of albumin in the body is very important, which helps the formation of new cell tissue.

Without albumin; cells in the body will be difficult to regenerate, so quickly die and do not thrive. This Albumin also plays an important role in the wound healing process.

In the medical sciences, albumin commonly used to accelerate the recovery of body tissue that split, such as surgery or surgery. That is why postoperative patients is highly recommended to consume fish cork, hoping to help the healing process in the body.

A study conducted by Prof. DR. Dr Nurpudji A. Taslim from Hasanuddin University, Makassar, showed levels of albumin in patients Wahidin Sudiro Husodo Makassar, South Sulawesi, increased sharply after eating fish several times a cork. It accelerates the patient’s health.

A similar study was also conducted at the General Hospital surgeon Dr. Saiful Anwar. The results of these trials showed administration of 2 kg of catfish cook every day for postoperative patients can increase the levels of low albumin (1.8 g / dl) to be normal.


Research conducted at the University of Hasanuddin also shows fish extract cork for 10-14 days can increase blood albumin levels 0.6-0.8 g / dl. The PLWHA (people living with HIV / AIDS) were given extracts of catfish regularly, can increase the levels of albumin in the blood, so the weight will go up gradually.

In addition to helping the formation of new tissue, albumin in the blood also serves to regulate water balance in cells, providing nutrients in the cell, and helps remove waste products. Albumin also serves to retain the fluids in the body.

The high content of albumin from fish makes this fish extracts started receiving hospital to be given to patients postoperatively, ie serum albumin as a substitute imports, which is very expensive.

A study conducted by Prof. Dr Ir. Eddy Suprayitno, MS, of the University of Brawijaya, Malang, has proven the ability of albumin extract of fish serum albumin cork to replace imports.

Price serum albumin import millions of dollars per 10 millimeters. In fact, in a single operation takes at least 30 millimeters. The use of fish extract the cork is expected to reduce the cost of surgery that has been known to be very expensive.

Make fish extract the cork in a simple way, can be done at home. For those who can not eat a heavy meal, catfish can boil until all the juice out. Fish extract is then filtered and consumed as drinking water. In order not smell fishy, ​​fish broth extract the cork can also be mixed with lime.

Catfish can be processed in various ways. South Sulawesi and Papua ordinary fish processing cork into spicy sour soup, while the Javanese and Sundanese community process by frying. Banjarmasin society accustomed to using fish cork to make crackers. Another variation that can be done is in the form of shredded or disantan like snapper. For infants, catfish can dipipil rice and served as a team.

Catfish should be served with boiled, steamed, or made soup. Fried or grilled catfish is more delicious, but the nutritional value down. In addition, frying is usually done with excess oil, so as to increase the levels of fat in fish.

In fact, catfish, including food healthy and safe for consumption because of the fat and cholesterol levels are still below average. Another danger lurking from grilled and fried fish are carcinogenic toxins that can damage the health of the body.

As with other freshwater fish, one of the drawbacks of fish cork is having mud smell. However, it is not an excuse for not taking them to remember the benefits are tremendous. To work around this, catfish can be washed with lime water. Can also be boiled first with a variety of spices, such as turmeric or lime, and then processed according to taste.